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Firefly - Société spécialisée dans la consolidation des données de tracking en provenance de divers opérateurs pratiquant le tracking. Firefly ayant été créé en 1995, le tracking massif lui est donc antérieur.


Le 9 avril 1998, Microsoft rachète une société d'espionnage des internautes créée en 1995 : Firefly.

En 1998, nous avions rapporté le rachat, par Microsoft, de la société d'espionnage Firefly (1; 2;), alors que le système d'exploitation Windows 98 devenait un énorme spyware embarquant un nouveau dispositif : un GUID.

Depuis le début du Web, des sociétés scrutent et notent nos moindres faits et gestes grâce à diverses formes techniques d'écoutes et d'espionnage pudiquement appelés Tracking, conduisant au Profiling.

Le métier de Firefly est la Consolidation des données volées (système de centralisation, fusion et consolidation des profils d'internautes en provenance de plusieurs autres sociétés d'espionnage). On remarquera que ce rachat du 9 avril 1998 coïncide avec la sortie, le 15 juin 1998, de Windows 98 qui voit l'apparition des GUID dans tous les produits Microsoft.

Firefly - Logo primitif (wayback machine - 28.12.1996)
Firefly - Logo primitif (wayback machine - 28.12.1996)

Firefly - Logo tardif
Firefly - Logo tardif

Si le métier de Firefly existe en 1995, c'est que les dispositifs de consolidation existent au moins depuis 1995 et que la matière à travailler, les données de tracking, lui est antérieure.

Les équipes de Firefly servirent également, chez Microsoft, à la création du système de centralisation et consolidation des données privées volées énumérées par Microsoft lui-même, dans le système de compte "Microsoft Passport" (qui existe toujours (2013) sous un autre nom. Voir notre article : "Microsoft Passport" (note : " Passport " était le nom d'un produit de Firefly, avant le rachat de Firefly par Microsoft - Archive du Web - Firefly Passport ou le copyright 1996 Firefly Passport en bas de cette page).

Passport - Produit phare de Firefly

Firefly's flagship product, called Firefly Passport, is used to collect user preferences anonymously, recommend Internet content, and send appropriate advertising.

09.04.1998 - C|net - Microsoft to buy Firefly

Depuis 1998, cet espionnage des personnes physiques connaît une accélération planétaire fulgurante.

Communication Firefly du 11.12.1996 (Wayback Machine 16.01.1997)


Firefly Network and Yahoo! Offer Consumers Ability to Intelligently Navigate the Web

My Yahoo! Features Firefly Tools to Offer Personalized Recommendations for Web Sites and Build Dynamic Communities

Cambridge, Mass. — December 11, 1996 — Firefly Network, Inc. and Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced that consumers can now intelligently navigate the Web by receiving personalized Web site recommendations using My Yahoo! (http://my.yahoo.com). My Yahoo! features Firefly Network’s open suite of software tools which enable Yahoo! to deliver personalized recommendations and create dynamic community experiences based on the shared interests of their users.

Firefly Network is the recognized leader in providing trusted personalization and community solutions for the electronic marketplace through its collaborative filtering technologies. In addition to Yahoo!, other leading companies licensing the FireflyTM software tools include Reuters NewMedia and ZD Net. Firefly Network expects to generally release its suite of software tools in the first quarter of 1997.

Using Firefly software tools, customer sites can register and recognize Firefly PassportTM holders, deliver personalized recommendations, create relevant and dynamic communities, serve targeted content and ads and more accurately measure and report on site activity. Firefly Network has designed its software tools with an open architecture to support Internet standards and its customers’ existing technology investments, making it easy for content providers, content sites, corporate enterprises and marketing services companies to choose the solutions which best suit their needs. At last week’s Jupiter Online Advertising Conference, Firefly Network announced support for its open software solution from leading third-party developers including I/PRO and NetGravity.

"We are excited to be working with Yahoo! to deliver to consumers a personalized Web experience," said Nick Grouf, president and CEO of Firefly Network. "Firefly tools offer consumers a highly-relevant experience by clearly understanding each person’s needs and preferences. The dynamic community features built into My Yahoo! give consumers additional reasons for coming back and remaining loyal to Yahoo!"

Firefly Catalog Builder Delivers Personalized Recommendations and Community Using the Firefly Catalog BuilderTM, Yahoo! gives its members the ability to intelligently navigate the Web based on their personal site preferences and the recommendations of people similar to them, known as "nearest neighbors." Based on Firefly Network’s powerful collaborative filtering technologies, the Firefly Catalog Builder enables Yahoo! to draw from its extensive catalog of more than 400,000 Web sites to deliver personalized recommendations.

My Yahoo! uses the Firefly Catalog Builder to transform the complexity of the Web into a relevant and compelling community experience. After easily registering for a Firefly Passport, My Yahoo! members instantly receive a personalized list of the Web sites they would most likely enjoy and can find a community of users who share their tastes.

The Firefly software tools also enable Yahoo! to establish a strong sense of community around its extensive catalog of Web sites. In addition to receiving personalized recommendations for Web sites based on their own preferences, My Yahoo! members can also navigate the WWW based on the tastes and experiences of other people in the Yahoo! community. As a result, My Yahoo! members can increase both the value and serendipity in their Web navigation.

Firefly Passport Office Leverages "Network of Smart Consumers"

The Firefly Passport OfficeTM is a key element of the Firefly tools solution which gives businesses the ability to leverage the reliable demographic and preference information generated by consumers using the Firefly Passport. The Firefly Passport is the means by which consumers are recognized at sites like Yahoo! using Firefly technology. Today, nearly one million consumers have registered for a Firefly Passport. Using the Firefly Passport Office, Yahoo! can recognize all existing Firefly Passport holders and issue Firefly Passports to new users through a quick, one-time registration process. The Passport Office also enables Firefly software tools customers to deliver targeted content and advertising, as well as, accurate measurements and reports regarding site activity.

Award-Winning Technology

Over the past year, Firefly Network has received several awards recognizing its use of collaborative filtering technologies that deliver on the promise of true personalization and community solutions for the electronic marketplace. These awards and recognition include: Finalist in PC Magazine’s 1996 Technical Excellence Award for Best Online Technology; winner of CommerceNet’s VIP award for "Most Creative Web Site;" finalist in The National Information Infrastructure Awards for two separate categories, including Business and Entertainment; "Silver Award in Excellence for Web Sites" at the NewMedia Invision awards, sponsored by NewMedia magazine; and "Online and Internet, Best Application" at the Interactive Services Association’s Original Interactive awards ceremony.

Leading Advocate of Consumer Privacy

As the leader in creating tools for trusted personalized services and communities based on consumer preferences, Firefly Network has established ground-breaking policies advocating individuals’ privacy rights on-line. The company actively promotes consumer and industry awareness of privacy issues as a member of the eTRUST steering committee and corporate member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

To further enhance the privacy of Firefly member information, the company has established and promoted clear policies regarding how it will manage consumers’ preference information. Firefly Network is also the first company in the industry to engage Coopers & Lybrand, LLP to regularly evaluate its privacy procedures.

Firefly Network, Inc. is a privately held company based in Cambridge, Mass. Firefly Network’s investment partners include Atlas Ventures, Dun & Bradstreet Enterprises, Softbank Corporation, Merrill Lynch, PAFET and Trident Capital.

FireflyTM, Firefly PassportTM, Firefly Passport OfficeTM and Firefly Catalog BuilderTM are trademarks of Firefly Network, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Copyright 1996 Firefly Network, Inc. Patent Pending

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09.04.1998 - C|net - Microsoft to buy Firefly

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07.10.1996 - BusinessWeek - Firefly: The Web site that has mad ave. buzzing
Short History of Collaborative Filtering by Moya K. Mason

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