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IRC War -

01.04.2012 - Révision 21.08.2020 - Révision mineure 18.02.2021. Auteur : Pierre Pinard.

Quelques exemples d'IRC War :

NomDate de créationAliasAuteur
7th SpherePrecursor [7th Sphere Enterprises]
7th Sphere 1.007 July 2004Precursor [7th Sphere Enterprises]
7th Sphere 2.66607 February 1997Precursor [7th Sphere Enterprises]
7th Sphere 3.017 October 2001Precursor [7th Sphere Enterprises]
A-Bnc 0213 November 1998Defsquad
Ambition 2 (p4) for mirc(5.6)27 September 1995Tennex
ArAcH mIRC Script18 March 1994KooKoo, Borog
Atlantis v1.1g for ircII 2.8+03 June 1999Dethnite
AttaCk FTP IRC Patch26 March 2000Louis Cypher
BackDoor-OG trojan14 February 2002
Backdoor.IRC.Aladinz.30.a05 April 2002
Backdoor.IRC.Bnc.i07 October 2002
Backdoor.IRC.Cloner.f20 June 2002
Backdoor.IRC.Microb.b22 June 2001
Backdoor.IRC.Mox.a08 December 2002
Backdoor.IRC.ZCrew06 August 2003
Cbur_kick.mrc15 February 2001Pheyeber
Cyclone f17 December 2001
Dark IRCDarkIRC, DDoS.Win32.Palukka, Backdoor.IRC.Dark.40.a, Backdoor.IRC.Dark.aStalky
Dark IRC 1.028 October 2001Stalky
Dark IRC 4.010 October 2001Stalky
DC Clock11 September 2002
DCC F__K 1.211 September 2002DCC FuKeR 1.0B0bby [RAR]
DCC Unf11 September 2002Legend
Deep Freeze II11 September 2002Flooder.Win32.Delf.iMax [tcl]
Demonic - Subseven 2.1 M.U.I.E. Skin.21 April 2000Dark_Jello [Da Ratpack]
Deop29 November 1998Beta
Eastside 3 b227 January 1997Paul McGovern
EF 2919 April 1997Fallen Angel
Evasion10 May 2001
EvilBot09 October 2001Backdoor.Evilbot.aJusSx
FBI Script09 June 2001
Fc_Ip_Sweep30 April 2001
FireFight 2.009 December 1995
Floodbot Front End 0.228 March 1996Ray Van Dolson
Flooder.IRC.IRCKill06 January 1997
Freeze11 September 2002InDo
Frozen Bot23 February 2003Lynx
Funny Pictures Bot06 April 2002[Netzip Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of RealNetworks, Inc.]
Girc 2KRazboiniK, ZhistokiY
Girc 2K 1.624 November 2001RazboiniK, ZhistokiY
Girc 2K 1.730 March 2000RazboiniK, ZhistokiY
Girc 2K 1.822 November 2001RazboiniK, ZhistokiY
Girc 2K 1.8122 November 2001RazboiniK
Guardian07 January 1996Ben Tajik
Hacking IRC - The Definitive Guide29 April 1996klider
Hell Mass Dcc Trojan & Worm Spreader16 April 2001HeLLfiReZ
Hellfirez Multi Exploit Scan for MIRC15 October 1999HeLLfiReZ
Hellfirez Multi Exploit Scan For MIRC V4.027 April 2000
How to get ops and takeover a channel on IRC01 January 2001St0rmer
How to Hexedit mIRC - Flood Protection/Nuking01 January 2001Lord Somer
How to Make and IRC Bot 1.213 February 1994Baloo the Bear
I Scan Trojan11 May 1997
Icon Plus20 July 1999The Excon [TLSecurity]
IMIRC18 June 1999Krym
IRC Advertiser Bot 1.0b20 November 2002
IRC Annoyer02 May 2002Manga1man
IRC BDoor24 September 2002Backdoor.Rephlex, Backdoor.Rephlex.20Rephlex
IRC BDoor 1.0Rephlex
IRC BDoor 2.011 November 2002Rephlex
IRC Bot Creator 1.004 February 2001Knox_rw [the dark side]
IRC Bot for Windows11 September 1999Del_Armg0 [Magic Software]
IRC Bounce07 May 1998Spoofer
IRC Bouncing Around Klines Using a unix Shell05 August 1997Lord Somer
IRC Client CHOCOA Version 1.0beta7R Exploit for Windows9827 December 2000UNYUN, Root Zero
IRC ContactImpactus
IRC Contact 1.027 September 2001Impactus
IRC Contact 2.002 August 2002Impactus
IRC F__k01 January 2001
IRC Flooder01 January 2003
IRC Hole27 September 2001Knox_rw [the dark side]
IRC II DCC23 October 2000
IRC Nuking in Win95 Without Trumpet Winsock04 August 1997Lord Somer
IRC passw0rding01 January 2001Xhostile [cyber-strike]
IRC Pipe 1.112 November 1996StOrM
IRC Proxy v2.2.415 June 1997James Seter
IRC Social Engineering21 March 2001Optik Lenz
IRC War15 June 1995Various
IRC/Client27 May 2001Lynx
IRC/Flood.c27 May 2001Backdoor.IRC.Flood.aLynx
IRC/Flood.i27 May 2001Lynx
IRC/Flood.Winhelp27 May 2001Lynx
Ircd_Kill24 September 1997Andrea Arcangeli
Ircd_kill.c30 December 1997Fx of nnh
IRCServ06 November 1996Sloderbeck Internet Systems
Jagscript 3.215 September 1999
K-Line Killer08 July 1998Aenima
Light 1.001 November 1994Vette
Locks and stinkas room spy ver 1.124 May 2000locks, stinkas
Magic Script17 March 2002Mystic
Mass-IRC21 July 1999Justin E. Schumacher
MassIRC Script 2.108 March 2000Just Wayne [BrasNET]
MCIPS28 September 2001Korn
Mcon Client v1.9 for mIRC 5.4129 August 1998[SB]Tikiman
MIRC 3216 February 1997Mrmojo
MIRC 5.3 Slap21 June 1998[Sodium inc®]
MIRC Freeze 1.021 July 1999JinDo
MIRC KG12 December 1998
MIRC Kill Trojan09 June 1998
NEMEZIS SpyBot 1.513 March 1996The Vulture
NetPack16 November 1998Kemik
Nexus 5.624 May 2000
Nimbus12 April 2000Mobman
Noob27 September 2001Trojan.VBS.NoobShadow
Noob 3.028 September 2001Shadow
Noob 3.0127 September 2001Shadow
Noob 4.007 January 2001Shadow, Kevin
PalinGenesis IV31 July 1999SHaDoWS
Port Blocker30 September 1996
Protect18 December 1998Badseeds
Ratpacker15 April 2000
RemoteChat 0.26b03 February 1999Da" Kool Cat
Resurrection01 December 1997
Sapik Modem V 0.310 May 2000CAMERUN
Satas mrc29 December 2002SataS
Serpent Mass Collision Script15 June 1995Vassago, Dr. Delete
SlackBot18 April 2001Backdoor.Slackbot.a, Backdoor.Slackbot.b, Backdoor.Slackbot.a for sbconfig.exe, Backdoor.Slackbot.b for Server.exeSlim
Slackbot 1.018 April 2001Slim
Slackbot 1.0 (chinese version)15 July 2001Slim
SpeakHeavy 1.024 October 1998[Unexpected Software]
Spy mIRC06 December 1999Yosko
Statman17 September 1998
SUMO/95 1.1 Lag Killer29 January 1996DrBardo
TetriNET 1.1328 August 1984St0rmCat
TextBox 6.0320 April 1996Crypt Keeper
The IRC Warfare Tutorial29 January 2001The Cyber God
Trojan.IRC.Hack31 December 2003
WAN IRC11 May 2000
Win32/FTPAttack.Trojan19 May 1998
Wingate Spoofing On IRC24 July 1998Athor1ty
X-Project Freeze24 April 2002Generic BackDoor trojanX-Project
XT Bot 1.010 February 2003BackDoor-AMA trojan, Backdoor.XenozbotXenoZ
Zeliard v1.0b10 April 1996
IRC War -

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